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Spring Dam requires no trench, using torsion springs to store the gravitational energy as the lid is lowered. Spring Dam therefore has lighter lids, carries loading more effectively, is more economical and provides easier access for cleaning post-flood and routine inspection/maintenance.

How Spring Dam Works

Raising the dam by hand is assisted by high Powered torsion springs located at the axis of each section of the Spring Dam. Lowering the dam uses gravity to energise the springs, ready for the next time the dams are used.


Engineered to Last

Spring Dam is designed for a minimum life of 50 years. It is easy to maintain, with the few moving parts being fully accessible and only the bearings requiring an annual lubrication. It is designed to exceed BSI PAS1188-4:2009.

Simple to Operate

The barriers can be raised in a matter of minutes, using unskilled labour. Designated staff with a SpringDam key, can unlock the flood barriers which means there is no longer a requirement for teams of specially trained engineers to be on standby.


Easy to Install

The maximum foundation penetration required for Spring Dam is 130mm – 250mm; therefore, minimal ground works are required which saves both time and money. Spring Dam is simply bolted into place, onto a prepared setting. This means that two trained engineers can install the Spring Dam at a rate of 20 metres per day!

Features & Benefits

When not in use, Spring Dam is a path, roadway or simply part of the local environment to be enjoyed by the community.

Spring Dam can be used as a single unit for a gate-way, or as a series of sections linked together to form a wall of any length.
The props and seals are stored under the locked barrier and the only “equipment” required on arrival is the Spring Dam key to unlock the barrier.
When closed and locked the barrier is very difficult to steal and has been deliberately designed with a minimal salvage value.
Anti-vandal measures are incorporated within the barrier system for added security. Proven offshore anti-corrosion technology means that the dams will withstand years of exposure in harsh environments.
Spring Dam can be designed for long straight sections or curves with a minimum radius of 15m.

SPRING DAM is a flood defence system designed to work and live with its environment.


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