With a 2.5 acre site equipped with state of the art machinery and a dedicated skilled workforce ensure that each and every project that leaves our premises is of the highest quality. These extensive facilities allow us to offer our clients a complete service that is carried out under one roof, from design and fabrication, through to the finishing and installation of projects.

Our large workshops free from restrictive fixed partitions, incorporate a levelled steel floor which acts as a giant drawing board for our skilled fabricators to accurately mark out on and weld directly to. We also have a number of smaller workshops including a machine shop with milling machines, a CNC lathe, conventional lathes, vertical boring machines and various drilling machines. All workshops benefit from a large range of overhead cranes.

We have the means to prepare and finish surfaces in a wide variety of ways. For preparation prior to painting we have an 8 axis Automatic Shot Blast Machine, while a Manual shot blast cabinet is used for smaller and more intricate parts.

To achieve the best possible finish for any given project our facilities include a 500m² paint shop for conventional and electrostatic paint spraying. Our Polishing shop is used for achieving a range of finishes as laid down in BS 1449. Whilst Electric Arc metal spraying is primarily used to apply zinc protective coatings, it can also be used for decorative finishes to both metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

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